We are a video game development company based in Barranquilla, Colombia.

We are dedicated to the design and development of video games, digital content and interactive apps.

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We develop tailored content according to the current market quality standards.

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global game jam

Rival Arts Studio participated as a location for GLOBAL GAME JAM in the city of Barranquilla, the event that brings together passionate about the development of video games worldwide.
During the first participation of our company we were accompanied by 8 jammers from the city and we developed 2 videogames.
The jammers attending the event were:
Ricardo Barrios Morales, Edgar Miguel Monsalve, David Alejandro Barreto, Juan Pablo Gomez, Michael Hernandez Lozada, Erick Javier Velilla, Anderson Antonio olivo, Carlos Molina Suarez, Brayan de La Hoz y Julio Alvarez Pimiento.


crea digital 2017

Our company participated in the award ceremony along with other winners of Crea Digital 2017, an event that encourages the production of digital content in our country. The award was given at the event Colombia 4.0.



The platform Learn, Discover, Choose (ADEL by its initials in Spanish) is an initiative of the SENA in the Atlantic Regional that seeks, through play, brief test and questions to take to the reflection, increase the capacity of young people in the taking of decisions in choosing a career.


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